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The lighter side of Uende's original creation, Dyre.
Dyre has a dark side -- as do we all.
Ryu's ice-blue eyes match the cold and lethal look of his blade.
Hide's two-toned blond hair glows like the sun for which he is named.
Kichiro, with his flaming red hair and fur vest, pins us with his piercing stare.
Kane. Beautiful boy of Cipher.
Marion is definitely NOT a librarian, thank you very much!

The lighter side of Uende's original creation, Dyre.
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Cipher (7)
What a tale behind Dyre. As is the case with so many ultra-talented people, Uende doubted her own abilities (insert dumbfounded expression here) -- in part because she had only done pictures of existing anime characters. When she decided to design her own characters in late 2005, the two versions of Dyre were two of the results. It was imperative that I own them. :-) Dyre also bears a strong resemblance to Uende's favorite vocalist, the thorougly outstanding lead singer for the band Buck-Tick.

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