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The lighter side of Uende's original creation, Dyre.
Dyre has a dark side -- as do we all.
Ryu's ice-blue eyes match the cold and lethal look of his blade.
Hide's two-toned blond hair glows like the sun for which he is named.
Kichiro, with his flaming red hair and fur vest, pins us with his piercing stare.
Kane. Beautiful boy of Cipher.
Marion is definitely NOT a librarian, thank you very much!

Dyre has a dark side -- as do we all.
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Cipher (7)
A lot of people didn't like Dyre's dark side because it's, well,scary! To me, though, Uende portrays one of the primary themes that runs through every set of myths, legends, and religions, is important to the study of psychology, and is central to the makeup of most of my favorite characters in literature and anime. That is, there is a dark side to everyone -- the base animal instincts we are all born with. The separate but not equal sides of our brains, one of which can express itself with words and the other which cannot -- "dark" in the sense of hidden, perhaps frustrated. What makes the tale is the struggle to overcome the dark.

So, rather than being disturbed or offended by the heart in Dyre's hand, I am moved by it. It shows Uende's deep understanding of what makes a character tick. It also is a reflection of her admiration for her favorite singer and the many characters he portrays.

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