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Nonohara Jiyu in her school uniform.
Jubei-chan in front of the sink, doing the dishes.
Jubei and her dad lost in a bamboo forest.
Bantaro looks like death! Good thing the Monkeys are holding him up.
Jubei's friend cries -- maybe Jubei can finally go to the dessert shop for a celebration.
Excellent closeup of a transformed Jubei.
Bantaro is confused???  Nothing new here.
Jubei slices downward with her very lethal-looking sword.
Koinosuke's victory dance, Part 1.  We bad!
Koinosuke's victory dance, Part 2.  We still bad!
Koinosuke's victory dance, part 3.  Yo mama!
A nice profile of Jubei with chopsticks.
Watch out, as the reincarnated Yagyu Jubei goes for her sword.
Not bad for an ancient samurai, huh?
Evil Mikage and her companion rush to the attack.

Evil Mikage and her companion rush to the attack.
Sequence: A4, B4 end
Layers: 2
Sketch: 1
Background: Original Matching

Jubei-Chan (15)
My first harmony cel! This one has the evil Mikage, who is determined to have the lovely eyepatch, attacking alongside her compatriot (whose name I don't remember). It's in fabulous condition with an interesting airbrushing layer beneath the character layer. The airbrushing adds even more motion to the still shot, which has plenty of it between the speeds lines and the background. Fascinating stuff here.

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