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Sketch of Kenshin with note to Kay
Hitokiri Battousai and Himura Kenshin stand back-to-back.
Watercolor image of Kenshin smiling, looking to our left.
Smiling Kenshin, looking to our right.
Battousai realizes that the wound he took to his face is still bleeding profusely.
Aoshi faces the camera, blood dripping from the right side of his mouth.
Lina reads a letter from her sister and turns sweaty and blue.
Zelgadis leaps into the night sky, shouting.
Zelgadis as a young human, chopping away in order to become stronger.
Xellos carries Lina in his arms as he leaps backward into the air.
Inuyasha in his human form, slapping at a weirdly elongated hand of some sort.
Cho Hakkai with dragon companion Hakuryuu perched on his shoulder.
Front facing view of Robert Device.
Roy holds an apparently unconscious Katsumi in his arms.
Katsumi faces slightly left, with a furrowed brow and slightly perplexed expression.
Rally (or Lum) shouts, wide green eyes, facing slightly to our left.
Close up of Enishi wearing his dark glasses.
Kenshin yells at the top of his lungs, fists clenched at waist height.
Toru Washio in his final moments.
Katsumi in uniform, looking downward and appearing sad.
Jine rushes toward the camera, slanted to the right, with a demonic grin on his face.
A robot or power suit, black with blue neck, red visor and yellow and red lights on top.
Something yellow with green and red
Yuki Saiko, with tears in her eyes, holding Toru's hands to her face.
Sword Hunter Cho grimaces or grins evilly.
Sword Hunter Cho grimaces in pain or frustration.
Kenshin glares up at ... someone taller?
Kenshin has that superior sneer of his again.
Kenshin in the sun wearing a slightly sad, but real, smile.
Layout sketch of Kenshin's reaction to being hurt.
Watercolor of Shizuo with his trademark dark glasses and bartender suit.
Kenshin gazes in awe at Shishio's death by fire.
Kenshin surveys the victory at the Battle of Toba-Fushimi.
Kaoru is crying, but in wide-eyed fear as she hears Enishi coming up behind her.
Young Yahiko washing clothes.
Kaoru looks down toward where Kenshin's head lies on her lap, a mixture of happiness and pain on her face.
Kenshin and Kaoru share a kiss in the sunset.
Yahiko is alarmed by Kaoru's condition.
Kenshin discloses the name of Battousai's sword style.
Kenshin declines to share the title
Flashback to Kenshin's fight with Saito during the Bakumatsu.
Kenshin stays the hand of young Eiji, who wants revenge.
Profile of Kenshin's right side.
Katsura reads some unsettling news.
Kenshin peeks carefully around the darkened back fence of the inn.
Beautiful face-front portrait of Tomoe.
Battousai leaves his room looking for Tomoe.
Sanosuke and Kenshin running to the left, looking for Megumi.
Kaoru sips from her cup. Again.
Kenshin and Sano peer to the right.
Kenshin crouches, his hair lit to an orange color by something to his left.
Kenshin looking down and to the right.
Zelgadis looking smug while holding up his sword.
Zelgadis, facing center front, powering up to cast a spell.

Sketch of Kenshin with note to Kay
Sequence: Fan Art - Rurouni Kenshin
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

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This excellent little rendition of Kenshin was done by a fellow Asian Ball-Jointed Doll collector from whom I purchased a doll on the second-hand market. She knew my several resin iterations of Kenshin and included the sketch as a thank-you gift!