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Aren't we a fabulous pair!
Astral gets serious. Mind the sword!
Rita's beautiful ruby eyes flash!
Astral draws his weapon!
Astral awakens from an unfortunate spell.
Astral looks surprised as he crawls down a tunnel after Rita.
A great close-up of Astral.
Am I blue? Am I blue? Yes I am, and I'm looking at YOU!
More proof that Astral just doesn't know when to put his sword away.

Aren't we a fabulous pair!
Sequence: A5 end, B7 (with 3 unmarked correction layers)
Layers: 5
Sketch: 2 Matching
Background: None

Wordsworth (9)
Long before I knew that Wordsworth was an 'adult' show, I admired its artwork and wanted a shot of these two characters -- Sharon and Kaiser. It's obvious that the animators were intent on getting this shot of Sharon exactly right, as there are three separate correction layers for her. Wordsworth is one of the oddest anime I've ever seen, in that it would work equally well as a fantasy genre show if they cut the, um, feisty bits out. The animation is excellent, the characters are just gorgeous, and it has a really good background plot.

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