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The beautiful and determined Queen Horn.
Queen Horn's advisor, Percuss.
Lute, looking smug.
Hamelin and Raiel face the enemy.
Raiel gives a helping hand to Princess Flute.
Trom will protect Princess Flute no matter what.
Trom and Cornet attack!
A beautiful profile of Flute, hair down, as she rises from a bath.
Clary shouts defiantly toward one of the mazoku.
Hamelin's mom, Pandora.

The beautiful and determined Queen Horn.
Sequence: A7
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

Violinist of Hamelin - Humans (10)
It comes as quite a shock to Flute early on to learn that she is actually Princess Flute, and that her mother is Queen Horn. Horn-Sama is a pretty, petite little thing, but she's tough as nails and very strong magically. She has kept the human kingdom safe from demons with a magical shield supported primarily by strength of will alone, until the beginning of the story.

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