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Lord Bass, nestled in Lute's hand.
The demon Drum shows us that two heads are better than one.
One of the skeleton warriors looks over his shoulder.
Extreme closeup on Sizer, the Angel of Death.
Kestra, King of the Mazoku, looks intensely scary.
Sizer turns to face the camera.
Oboe swoops in!

Lord Bass, nestled in Lute's hand.
Sequence: A4
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Violinist of Hamelin - Demons (7)
Here is the chiefest of the demons, Lord Bass. Interestingly enough, he's actually dead, yet he continues to rule the land of the demons through possession of Queen Horn's son, Lute. This is an amazing cel of him, even though he's apparently a little blue at the moment.

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