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D is tossed up against the ceiling by the Count's efforts.
Lamika (or Larmika) is the beautiful daughter of the Count Magnus Lee.
A mere vampire bite is not going to get the better of Doris!
D is all tangled up in the Witches' hair.

D is tossed up against the ceiling by the Count's efforts.
Sequence: A8
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Vampire Hunter D OVA (4)
Here's a great action shot of the one and only D, from the first OVA movie, Vampire Hunter D, circa 1985. This is toward the end of the movie -- D is being forcibly hurled back up toward the ceiling as he attempts to take out the Count. D, a dhampir (a cross between vampire and human) is possessed of incredible speed and strength, so this is no mean feat on the part of his antagonist.

True confession time. I did a lot of touch-up on the scan of this cel, which has a whole lot of age-related issues including white spotting, good and bad retouching of the very faded lines, and so forth. Coupled with scanner-crud artifacts, the scan was very ugly and did not do justice to an image that in reality is still impressive! This way we can enjoy looking at it rather than being distracted by scanner imperfections.

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