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Closeup of Meier Link fighting D.
D rides his spectacular cybernetic horse alongside a rocky cliff.
D makes his way into a darked hall, sword at the ready.
Crystal's rendition of Vampire Hunter D on his cyborg horse is amazing!

Closeup of Meier Link fighting D.
Sequence: A25
Layers: 2
Sketch: None
Background: Original Matching

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (4)
If you can only afford one cel from a show, might as well make it an awesome one. This is a simply fabulous closeup of D the dhampir fighting Meier the vampire in the final moments of the movie.

I kept telling myself I wasn't going to get suckered into collecting Bloodlust art even though it is amazingly beautiful, but after reading the VHD novels that have been released in English I had to re-watch the movie. And it was all over. I was exceedingly fortunate to be on top of a fellow cel collector's announcement for offers on this cel!

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