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Poor delusional Mikage turns toward the camera.
It's... TOUGA!  Full length, even!
Don't you know that the biographies go in the 900's?
Anthy appears to be deeply involved in her studies.
Here's a glorious front-and-center shot of the feisty and stubborn Utena!

Poor delusional Mikage turns toward the camera.
Sequence: A8
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Utena (5)
Mikage appears in only a few, very strange episodes of the Black Rose story arc of Utena. He's the mastermind behind a faction intent on subverting and destroying the Rose warriors by appealing to their most secret, darkest desires. Or so it seems. I wanted a cel of Mikage because he is another Midorikawa Hikaru character, but also because he is one of the more intriguing and confusing people in the story.

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