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Ataru gives Lum his typical snotty reaction.

Ataru gives Lum his typical snotty reaction.
Sequence: A1, C1
Layers: 2
Sketch: None
Background: Original Matching

Urusei Yatsura (1)
I'd been looking for a nice shot of Lum -- one of the most original and expressive character designs in all anime -- for a long while when I spied this cel. Lum is wonderful in it (and in nearly perfect condition, which is surprising for a cel of this age). What really got me on this one, though, was Ataru. This is a great shot of Ataru's usual attitude toward Lum, for sure, but it also carries strong suggestions of his "cousins" Ranma, Inuyasha, and others. I could almost hear Inuyasha's "feh!" as I looked at it.

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