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Ran looks thoughtful as she resheathes her sword.
A rare moment of Ran smiling in a distinctly feminine way.
Ran sits with her sword, apparently deep in thought.
Ran smiles a beautiful smile, as she carries her sake jug.
Is Ran staring down an adversary, or staring into space?
Ran gets serious.
Ran pours a cup of sake with a look of intense anticipation.
A close-up of Ran either laughing or reacting to her sake.
Ran kneels, sword to the side.
Ran draws her sword.
Ran crouches, sword at the ready.
Ran ... looks like a girl?
Another boring sword fight, Ran?
Ran walks down the street.
How often do you get a package with an original sketch on it?
Sure, sure, you're a nice guy. Now gimme that sake jug!
Ran hands a rescued child back to her father.
Ran slashes through water (and a ninja!)
Ran turns to ram her elbow into the second of her attackers.
Ran flings her attacker over her back.

Ran looks thoughtful as she resheathes her sword.
Sequence: C14
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Tsukikage Ran - Ran Herself (20)
Baakay's obsession with sharp objects continues! Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran (or "Carried by the Wind") is an odd but pleasing show about a female samurai who loves her sake, wandering about with her sidekick Miao. I recommend the show for anyone who always thought Kenshin seemed more like a girl :)

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