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Ayamu Narumi faces his adversaries under a bridge.
Narumi walks slowly toward his adversaries.

Ayamu Narumi faces his adversaries under a bridge.
Sequence: Ep.10, Cut 211 (layout)
Layers: 0
Sketch: None
Background: None

Spiral (2)
Spiral is such a great show but for one thing -- it ended before the ending! Ayamu Narumi, the main character, finds his deductive powers pushed to the limit in each episode, as the mystery to be solved peels open layer by layer. If he doesn't figure out what's going on, either he or someone important to him is going to die.

This is one of those shows I thoroughly loved but never really considered buying art from. Just as well, too, as there wasn't any available at the time. I nearly couldn't believe it when I saw this layout and accompanying sketches up for sale!

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