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Saiga and Ginza, on her bed, pointing guns at each other. Nothing new here!
Saiga looks up at Ginza, who is holding a gun on him.
Ginza and Saiga on the bed, guns pointed at each other. What a lovely moment.
Saiga falls off the bed. Plop.
Suitengu and Tsujidou on their way to meet with Shinsen.
Saiga holds up one of the photos he took at The Club.
Shinsen faces down her Board of Directors.
Shinsen stares down the antagonistic Board without a flinch.
Saiga in his office, on the computer, with his boss alongside.
Saiga frowns in concentration as he works.
A long shot of Saiga-san outside, having a smoke.
Saiga has a smoke.
Saiga uses his powers of persuasion on The Dentist.
Ginza in her office chair.
Tsujidou stands in the doorway.
Interesting rough sketch of Tsujidou reacting to an odor.
Ouch! Someone just stomped on this poor guy's crotch!
The top half of the man being stomped on.
Tsujidou, one of the main evil minions, always wears a cover over his nose.
Ginza comes in the door, looking for information.
The boss turns away from Ginza's inquiries.

Saiga and Ginza, on her bed, pointing guns at each other. Nothing new here!
Sequence: Episode 3, cut 234
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

Speed Grapher (21)
One of the most interesting computer-graphics shows I've seen, Speed Grapher centers on the story of the guy on the bed, Saiga. This is his boss/lover, the lovely Ginza, pointing her gun at him. Saiga has just returned from the Roppongi Club, where he witnessed something he shouldn't have and got beaten quite badly for it, to say nothing of being exposed to something called "Euphoria." Bleeding, he's made his way to Ginza's apartment and collapsed.

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