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Kanzel, from Slayers Next.
The town where the gang meets Kanzel and Mazenda.
Lina's happy expressions!
Lina's serious and/or angry expressions.
Goofy Lina faces.
The ever-dashing swordsman, Gourry Gabriev!
The many blank expressions of Gourry.
Gourry gets serious.
Goofy Gourry faces.
Amelia Wil Tesla Seillune.  Of course.
The many faces of Amelia.  Sort of.
When you see Amelia look like this, run away.
Zelgadis shows off his summer ensemble.
Common Zelgadis expressions.
The three faces of Zel?
Um...stone face? I think not!
Sore wa himitsu desu!
Xellos gets silly!
Prince Philionel Rides Again!
Here's Martina. I think she needs to fire her fashion consultant.
Mazenda's character design.
The gang gets ready for the swimsuit issue.
Lina and Amelia get ready to sing.
Here's the competition for the karaoke contest!
Lina shows off her magic amplifiers.
Monster of the Day.
Zangulus models his basic attire.
Typical Zangulus expressions
Sylphiel's costume.
Sylphiel's expressions.
Hellmaster Phibrizzo!
Phibrizzo's repertoire of smug expressions.
A very, very dangerous suit of armor.

Kanzel, from Slayers Next.
Sequence: Episode 9
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

Slayers Settei (34)
Here's Kanzel, the dashing young man who has a rather nasty alter ego. He and his companion Mazenda give the Slayers crew more than their fair share of difficulty! This and all the other Slayers Settei were a 2005 birthday gift from best friend and natural enemy, Kymaera.

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