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A masked Zelgadis Greywers encounters Lina and Gourry for the first time.
I do not wear this face by choice -- Episode 5
Fan cel from Kymaera.
Zel reacts to learning that Rezo still has power over his chimeric form.
Must -- be -- stronger!
Zelgadis as a young human, chopping away in order to become stronger.
Young, human Zelgadis focuses intently on his swordwork.
The terrible transformation -- from Episode 5
Yeah, yeah, Happy Birthday. Now drink up.
Rezo's spell sends Zelgadis tumbling backwards.
Earth below me, submit to my will!
A perfect closeup of a smiling Zelgadis.
Precise in everything he does, Zelgadis enjoys a helping from a hotpot.
Zelgadis and Amelia share a look ... and a sigh ... as they realize how deranged their employer really is.
Zelgadis sitting, with arms and legs tightly crossed.  Nothing new here! :-)
Zelgadis aims his firearm.
Zelgadis grins as he fires a big honking blunderbuss!
Sparks fly from Zelgadis' hand as he casts while leaping.
Zel gasps in dismay at his suddenly-empty hand.
Anticipation! Zelgadis holds out his elbow awaiting the landing of a bird.
A painful gasp and rocks fly as Zelgadis hits the wall.
Zelgadis prepares to blast a spell.
Zelgadis, in a prince costume, recovers from being decked by Lina.
Zelgadis looking thoughtful.
Zel crouches to the ground.  Looks like he might be about to cast a spell!
Zelgadis looking warily back over his shoulder.
Portrait of Zelgadis shouting.  Warning his friends?
Profile of Zelgadis, showing fangs!
Zel looks more like an elf in this profile shot.
Zelgadis smiles as he retrieves the lost Sword of Light.
Angry? or fearful? Zel snarls backwards over his left shoulder.
Zelgadis doing a bit of safe-cracking ...
Zel listens to the clicking of the safe as he cracks it.
A pensive Zelgadis looking down.
Zelgadis shouts a warning to his friends as they face the end of the world.
Zelgadis gets frustrated as he scans Rezo's books for a cure.
Zel gestures to the distinctive H in Midorikawa Hikaru's signature.
Zelgadis sips from his trademark coffee mug.
Zel spies something down and to the left.
Zelgadis at his most focused, looking grim.
One can never have too much caffeine!
Zelgadis serves as an anchor.
Zel tugs his hood down over his face.
As quizzical a look as you'll ever see from Zelgadis.
Fabulous face-front closeup of Zelgadis.
Zel looks up from his sextant in shock.
Zelgadis leans on something, with his eyes closed.
Zelgadis leaps into the night sky, shouting.
Zelgadis, facing center front, powering up to cast a spell.
The Heartless Sorcerer Swordsman
Zelgadis looking smug while holding up his sword.
100% amazing pan cel of Zelgadis preparing to use his sword.
Woot! Zelgadis in ... or mostly in ... modern clothing.
Lina holds the arm of a smiling Zel-Sama.
Zelgadis, unbelieving, rescues a guitar from the damp deck of the ghost ship.

A masked Zelgadis Greywers encounters Lina and Gourry for the first time.
Sequence: A3
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Slayers - Zelgadis (55)
While many people mistakenly call this Zelgadis Greywers' first appearance in the series, it isn't -- he appears with Zolf briefly at the end of the previous episode. This is, however, the first time Lina and Gourry meet Zelgadis, wearing the mask he dons in public to hide his features. About the only cel of Zel that could top my excitement over this one would be a shot of the rockbound muscles in the bath.

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