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Rezo the Red Priest.
Xellos Metallium, the Trickster Priest, with his trademark smile.  Nothing new here!
Deranged shopkeeper with evil knife, from Episode 2.
Martina wields the amulet of the Monstrous Zoamalgustar!
A primo shot of Zangulus!
Prince Philionel rides to the rescue, from Episode 25.
Auntie Aqua, guardian of the Claire Bible.
The lovely Miwan, Zelgadis' love interest.
Jiras, the fox-man, about to hurl an explosive gift in the heroes' direction.
Chef Ashford readies himself to attack the preparation of Dragon Cuisine!
Outworlder Elrogus.  With a big weapon.
Kopii Rezo
A perfectly mischievous grin on the face of our favorite Mazoku.
Filia connects! and raises a huge cloud of dust with her giant mace.
Filia takes aim with her giant mace.
Sylphiel swoons.  Nothing new here.
Zangulus laughs as he strikes a jaunty pose with his foot on a railing.
Mazenda in her demon form is a stunning but frightening sight.

Rezo the Red Priest.
Sequence: A3
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Slayers - Other (18)
Rezo, one of the Five Great Wise Men, is an incredibly powerful spellcaster and healer, beloved in some parts and definitely the stuff of legends. But he can't cure his own blindness, which makes him both extremely frustrated and willing to take desperate measures. He's also Zelgadis' grandfather or great-grandfather.

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