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Lina Inverse!  She's got that look on her face ... it's either food or money out there.
Lina cringes and turns a delicate shade of blue as Noonsa the walking fish approaches.
Lina dashes through the tall grass in an attempt to get away from Zelgadis.  Episode 5.
Lina flies through the air... watch out for that tree! From ep. 6.
A close-up profile of a thoughtful Lina.
Lina rids herself of an unwelcome bat-guest by casting a spell.
Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, YUM!
Lina goes MUNCH!
Lina prepares to toast someone!
Lina reads a letter from her sister and turns sweaty and blue.
Evil Gourry.
Gourry Gabriev looking dangerous.  Watch out for him when he wears this expression.
Gourry looks a bit stunned... and a bit nervous, judging by the huge sweatdrop.
Goofy Gourry!
Gourry looks so great in drag.  Too bad the lake dragon is coming to get him!
Wow!! Gourry looks really grim as he takes a wicked slash at something!
Gourry Attacks!!
Amelia holds her hand up to touch what seems to be a barrier.
Amelia in her royal garb.
Amelia grins back over her shoulder.
Amelia peeks cautiously out from behind something.
Amelia grins up at... something.  Probably Zel!
Amelia leans toward the lower left.
Amelia stands and shouts!
An adorable sketch of Gourry, sword at the ready.
Holy Chibi, Batman! The replicator has run amok!

Lina Inverse!  She's got that look on her face ... it's either food or money out there.
Sequence: C15
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: Original Nonmatching

Slayers - Lina, Gourry, Amelia (26)
15-year old Lina Inverse is an accomplished sorceress with a vast knowledge of lore, a nose for treasure, a knack for attracting weird enemies, and a small, um, chest. Do NOT come between Lina and her food! She tends to leave large, smoking craters in her wake.

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