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Gourry and Amelia shriek in terror.
Zelgadis and Lina, from Episode 5 of the first season, Slayers.
Gourry, Amelia, and Sylphiel encounter something dangerous.
Zelgadis tries to wake Filia, the Golden Dragon.
Lina and Gourry fighting over food. Nothing new here!
Lina and Gourry go Chomp!
Lina tugs at Gourry -- by the face, no less! -- when Sylphiel calls him Gourry Dear.  Ow!
A foursome: Zel, Amelia, Lina and Gourry.
Gaav holds a rather limp-looking Xellos up by the collar.
Gourry and Zangulus face off in a swordfight.
Lina freaks as Amelia preaches Justice from a tree.
Lina and Gourry eat a lot.  Nothing new here.
Zelgadis reacts to a classic cry of
Lina reacts to something Amelia has said as the group sits around a fire.
Zelgadis and Zolf watch Rezo turn a child into stone.
Zel and Amelia run through a field of flying stones.  An explosion?
Zel snags Lina by the armor as she attempts to take off.
Zelgadis checks the sky while Amelia has a drink of water.
Xellos carries Lina in his arms as he leaps backward into the air.
Zel (over)reacts to Lina.  Nothing new here!
Xellos, looking smug, walks away from the rest of the group.

Lina reacts to something Amelia has said as the group sits around a fire.
Sequence: A1 end, B4 end, C30 (maybe?) D2 end, B4 end, F4 end
Layers: 5
Sketch: 2
Background: Original Matching

Slayers - Group (21)
As the group sits around the fire, discussing their next move against Kopii Rezo, Amelia says something to which Lina apparently takes a great amount of exception! This fantastic setup had a lot of wear-and-tear damage in the form of those annoying white spots and some paint loss on the background, but with some careful cleaning it turned out quite nicely. It came with a timing sheet, layouts, and all sorts of intriguing scribbles ... The sequence number has been trimmed off the layer with Lina, but the sketch says something that looks like C30, and "stage directions" suggest she slides in from the right.

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