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A smiling Katsumi Liqueur.
Kiddy Phenil looks back over her shoulder at Roy.
Katsumi and Lum peer at each other in shock after they break a chocolate cookie in half.
Katsumi and Lum giggle over the broken cookie.
Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Nami Yamigumo speaks to one of the elders of her tribe.
Front facing view of Robert Device.
Katsumi faces slightly left, with a furrowed brow and slightly perplexed expression.
Katsumi in uniform, looking downward and appearing sad.
Roy holds an apparently unconscious Katsumi in his arms.
Rally (or Lum) shouts, wide green eyes, facing slightly to our left.
Toru Washio in his final moments.
Yuki Saiko, with tears in her eyes, holding Toru's hands to her face.

Kiddy Phenil looks back over her shoulder at Roy.
Sequence: A6, B57, C57
Layers: 3
Sketch: None
Background: Original Matching

Silent Moebius (13)
Kiddy is the fighter of AMP force. She's stronger than your average policewoman because she's part cyborg. Nevertheless, she finds herself courted by Ralph, a nice guy who basically can't find a clue. In this shot she's looking at Roy Device.

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