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The inside of a dojo with sunlight streaming through the window.
A nighttime view of a small-town business area.
A vivid sunrise or sunset through an opening in the forest.
The ocean appears through a cleft in the rock.
A traveler walks down a path between ancient, giant trees.
Big purple tree through the window.
Interior shot of a traditional Asian room at night, illuminated by a single lantern.
A moss-covered outcropping on the side of a hill, where the traveling samurai rests.
A dirt street in a traditional village, during the day.
A path through the woods toward some water, reflecting every color of the sun's spectrum.
A lone water craft poles by an evergreen-covered knoll.
A wonderful interior room, with two interesting chests and a wealth of clever storage.
Interior scene focusing on the cooking area.
Looking down the winding main street of a seaside town.

The inside of a dojo with sunlight streaming through the window.
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Sketch: None
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Samurai Champloo - Scenery (14)
As time goes by I become more interested in the planning documents that go into creating an anime. Samurai Champloo is not only a great story, but has some of the most gorgeous settings ever. Here's a concept painting of what appears to be the inside of a dojo. Wonderful!

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