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The lovely Mugen models this year's fashions for scruffy swordsmen.
Mugen in all of his puckery, pouty-faced glory.
Mugen is rather scary looking in this set of three portraits.
Jin is a quiet, more typical swordsman.
A settei sheet with shading and clothing details for Jin.
More views of Jin, including a slashing action pose.
The feisty, adorable and quirky Fuu appears in several of her characteristic expressions.
This set of Fuu portraits includes some of her scarier expressions, as well as the softer ones.
This settei sheet shows Fuu in her kimono, with her dark hair shaded in.
Mugen's reinforced battle-sandals!
Mugen makes strange faces.  Nothing new here!
More strange and wonderful expressions from Mugen.
Jin tries out a few strange expressions of his own.
Jin has a pouty face or two of his own.
Early version of a rough-shaded Jin settei sheet.
A lovely rough sketch of Fuu in her kimono.
Jin reads Fuu's diary, while Mugen complains. Nothing new here!
Rough sketches of Fuu's pretty face.
Mugen glowers (surprised?). He will presently have a good reason to do so.
Fabulous original sketch of Mugen from the front of a PS2 game.
Mugen tries to recover during a fight.

The lovely Mugen models this year's fashions for scruffy swordsmen.
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Samurai Champloo - People (21)
Here he is, the uber-lovely Mugen! I'm a sucker for a samurai story, and long-haired wandering swordsmen in particular (I hear you thinking "oh REALLY, Kenshin groupie? We would never have guessed!") But oddly, it was not the gorgeous Jin who stole my heart from this show, but Mugen. He's as strongly strange -- and as original -- as any character I have yet to meet in anime.

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