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A fearsome threesome of Saiyuki goodness.
Cho Hakkai from the 2nd opening of Gensomaden Saiyuki.
Sha Gojyo in action.
Semi-profile shot of Kougaji.
A fabulous closeup layout of Kougaji.
Someone's about to taste Sanzo's bullets.
Sanzo in rough hew.
No that's not a chip on Hakkai's shoulder, it's a dragon!
Nothing says Bishie like a semi-naked halfbreed wrapped with snakes!
Goku beating the snot out of Kou with Naibo.
Cho Hakkai with dragon companion Hakuryuu perched on his shoulder.
Gorgeous closeup of Son Goku!
A self-confident, cocky-looking version of Sha Gojyo.

Someone's about to taste Sanzo's bullets.
Sequence: A1+ , B3 Episode 6, cut 188
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

Saiyuki (13)
Here's the cranky Sanzo priest himself, in part shadow, raising his "banishing gun" with that particular look that says "I've had about enough of this crap!" Genjo Sanzo is a human - kinda - who more or less directs the noisy band of youkai and part-youkai toward a common goal. Kinda. He's wearing the very scripture that his enemies are trying to capture, and in spite of himself and his incredibly sour demeanor he manages to amass a following of practically rabid supporters. I'm not much of a Sanzo fan myself, but there is definitely something appealing about this irreverant, rough-edged, smoking, surly critter being one of the holiest of holy men!

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