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A fearsome threesome of Saiyuki goodness.
Cho Hakkai from the 2nd opening of Gensomaden Saiyuki.
Sha Gojyo in action.
Semi-profile shot of Kougaji.
A fabulous closeup layout of Kougaji.
Someone's about to taste Sanzo's bullets.
Sanzo in rough hew.
No that's not a chip on Hakkai's shoulder, it's a dragon!
Nothing says Bishie like a semi-naked halfbreed wrapped with snakes!
Goku beating the snot out of Kou with Naibo.
Cho Hakkai with dragon companion Hakuryuu perched on his shoulder.
Gorgeous closeup of Son Goku!
A self-confident, cocky-looking version of Sha Gojyo.

Cho Hakkai from the 2nd opening of Gensomaden Saiyuki.
Sequence: Op
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
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Saiyuki (13)
I seem to always gravitate toward the "odd man out" in a show, and for this one, I've made no exception. Cho Hakkai is neither ordinary, nor especially gorgeous (like, say, Gojyo or Sanzo). But he is a fascinating study in ferocious, bottomless rage contained (for the most part) in a smiling shell. Many of my favorite characters share this basic makeup, actually.

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