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Mamiya Otaru, looking back over his shoulder.
Lime listens at the door.
Cherry hugs her Otaru Sama!
Bloodberry smacks down a guard.  From SMJ Episode 10.
Profile of the original Faust.
A pensive Lime.
The one and only Hanagata!
Smiling, bow-tied, Otaru-loving Hanagata!
The Saber Dolls, Faust's counterpart to Otaru's Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry.
Lime flails away at Otaru's swordsmaster.
Lorelei is the catalyst for most of the action in SMJ!
Otaru tries to pull away from Hanagata.
A nice profile shot of Otaru from Episode 23.

Mamiya Otaru, looking back over his shoulder.
Sequence: B3
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: Original Nonmatching

Saber Marionette J (13)
You'd be confused too, if you suddenly had responsibility for three unusual and unique "marionette" girls who just refuse to act like normal robots. As if Otaru didn't have enough to deal with between Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry, (and neighbor Hanagata, who thinks Otaru is being wasted on women) he's a pretty traditional guy trying to hold onto some sort of value system while the rest of the world goes nuts. Courageous and heroic in spite of himself, Otaru is one of my favorite characters.

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