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Beautiful Kamiya Kaoru gazes at her three remaining students in disbelief.
Doctor Gensai and his two granddaughters.
Aoshi explains it all.
Aoshi faces the camera, blood dripping from the right side of his mouth.
Sanosuke and Kenshin running to the left, looking for Megumi.
Sano winds up for a massive punch -- at Aoshi!
Yahiko's attack with his sword resulted in his lying on his back.  Oops.
Yahiko prepares to attack a host of training targets with his wooden sword.
An amazing closeup of Sanosuke grinning defiantly at Saito Hajime.
Monochromatic Misao reacting to Kenshin's sword skills.
Back view of sword hunter Cho and his crossed swords.
Sword Hunter Cho grimaces or grins evilly.
Sword Hunter Cho grimaces in pain or frustration.
Yahiko, in green kimono, ponders his own growth as he walks along.
Kenshin and Sano peer to the right.
Shishio Makoto, one hugely dangerous man, addresses his assembled swordsmen.
Sanosuke runs toward his next target, a marker being erected atop a new buildling.
The lovely Kamiya Kaoru sips tea from a cup.
Kaoru sips from her cup. Again.
Lovely half-profile of Kaoru.
'Oro...'  Poor Kenshin gets lumps on his head as Kaoru beats on him.

Beautiful Kamiya Kaoru gazes at her three remaining students in disbelief.
Sequence: Episode 1

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Rurouni Kenshin TV - Others (21)
Kamiya Kaoru originally chased the man she comes to know as Kenshin, calling him "Hitokiri Battousai." A man has been using that name as he kills, invoking the Kamiya Kasshin school of swordsmanship -- founded by her father as a way to teach peace and protection over slaughter -- as he goes. Kaoru, of course, is the acting instructor of the Kamiya dojo and is outraged.

Having disovered that Kenshin is not the person who's been smearing her late father, Kaoru runs outside to greet her three remaining students - only to learn that their parents are forcing them to quit so as not to be associated with a killer. Kaoru is stunned, as she was counting on their help to stop the false Battousai. This was another amazingly lucky find for me, at Nan Desu Kan 2005.

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