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Kenshin's spidey-senses tingle as he rescues Kaoru from his soon-to-be opponent.
Kenshin discloses the name of Battousai's sword style.
Kenshin declines to share the title
Kenshin strides purposefully through the dark - toward Jine.
Kenshin's eyes glint red as the Battousai starts to take over.
Awesome closeup sketch of Kenshin.
Kenshin snarls at himself after getting tagged in a fight.
Kenshin draws his sword with a warning gesture.
Kenshin winces after having his chest torn half open.
Kenshin sheathes his sword after dispatching an opponent.
Kenshin suddenly realizes he's displaying more than just his sword.
Kenshin sneers at the scratch Isurugi Raijuta inflicted on his arm.
A glorious fan cel from the Kenshin opening.
A tiny smile from the blue-eyed assassin in the dark.
Kenshin stays the hand of young Eiji, who wants revenge.
Kenshin wonders if he really can perform an operation.
Flashback to Kenshin's fight with Saito during the Bakumatsu.
Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Let us pause for a moment to consider the feral beauty that is Kenshin as he turns Battousai.
Kenshin strikes from above.
Kenshin cries out in fear of Sanosuke's life.
Kenshin suffers a brutal attack at the hands of Seta Sojiro.
Kenshin wonders how to put together a fishing rod.
Kenshin stokes the fire for Kaoru's bath, hoping that all will be well.
Kenshin snarls back at a pack of angry red-eyed dogs. Scary!
Alert Kenshin listening to Shougo Amakusa with visible disapproval.
Misao checks on a stunned Kenshin. Oro?
Himura Kenshin smiles as he lifts the water bucket from the well.
Kenshin stands in front of a dark building at night.
Kenshin's eyes flash as he turns to guard against approaching enemies.
Kenshin turns to look over his right shoulder, just in time for an explosion!
Kenshin calls out to Jinpu.
Kenshin crouches, his hair lit to an orange color by something to his left.
Kenshin looking down and to the right.
Kenshin looking particularly grim and focused as his flame-red hair blows to the side.
The Battousai is barely held in check.
I don't want to make Kenshin any angrier than this. It's just too scary.
Kenshin glares up at ... someone taller?
Kenshin has that superior sneer of his again.
Kenshin in the sun wearing a slightly sad, but real, smile.
Profile of Kenshin's right side.
Layout sketch of Kenshin's reaction to being hurt.
Kenshin yells at the top of his lungs, fists clenched at waist height.
Lovely watercolor of Kenshin in a lighter moment.
Watercolor image of Kenshin smiling, looking to our left.
Smiling Kenshin, looking to our right.
Sketch of Kenshin with note to Kay
Hitokiri Battousai and Himura Kenshin stand back-to-back.
Roadshow mini-poster from the first Rurouni Kenshin live action movie

Kenshin's spidey-senses tingle as he rescues Kaoru from his soon-to-be opponent.
Sequence: Episode 1

A8 end
Layers: 2
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Rurouni Kenshin TV - Kenshin (50)
From the very first episode! Kamiya Kaoru has just been threatened by the very large man posing as the Hitokiri Battousai. Kenshin, who has been friendly and open with Kaoru but has not yet given her his name, darts in to snatch her out of harm's way... and as he does so, with his blinding speed, he turns to give the imposter this chilling look. Very unlike the smiling Rurouni, that it is!

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