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Patalliro does his Cock Robin dance.
Bancoran ponders life and love over a snifter of brandy.
Bancoran and his biggest conquest, Maraihi.
Frequently seen expression from Patalliro.
One of the many bishonen who falls for Bancoran's charms
Bancoran looking suspicious
Bancoran envisions Patalliro's mother looking like this...
A small rear view of Bancoran.
Grandpa Bancoran readies for the attack.
Lovely Maraihi speaks on the phone.
Maraihi speaks to Bancoran.

Patalliro does his Cock Robin dance.
Sequence: E18
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Patalliro (11)
Here's the main character from an old, old shonen-ai show, Patalliro. Poor Patalliro is the son of a recently deceased king, and finds his lazy self in charge of a kingdom. Of course, he's also a primo assassination target - not only because he's the new king, but because he's an irritating, self-serving, obnoxious little twitch! But he's not really the idiot he appears to be. In fact, he often uses his reputation as a moron to great advantage. This little dance is something he does occasionally, including the eyecatch scenes (I'm not sure whether this cel comes from the eyecatch or not).

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