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Tate Sensei shouts during a Kendo match.
Yawaru, looking obsessed, cold-eyed and scary. Nothing new here.
Bilka draws his sword.
Say aaaaaah, Kyoji...
Beautiful, sad Yuka.
Akulika (Yuka) in her full Inca headdress.
Kyoji trying to get somewhere in a big hurry, on his motorcycle in the dark.
Akulika faces front.
Yawaru, full length!
Kyoji snarls while readying his weapon.

Tate Sensei shouts during a Kendo match.
Sequence: A10
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Nazca (10)
This is Tate Masanare, art teacher and master instructor of the Kendo club. He is one of the central players in an anime with one of the stupidest plots--but most wonderful character designs--ever. He, his fiance, his best student, and everyone else in the Kendo club are reincarnations of Aztec warriors...

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