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Alucard von Mosquiton.  Nice fangs!
Hitometori Inaho, schoolgirl with grenades!
Camille is angry at Inaho.  Nothing new here.
Mo-chan Sensei looking stern, but cute.
Inaho's earring is glinting.  From the TV series, episode 25.
Mosquiton in his vampire phase, bloody eyes and all.
A dramatically-colored portrait of a screaming Mosquiton.
Profile of Inaho's ancestor of the same name.
Mosquiton and his two servants, Yuki and Honou.
I wonder how long it will take Inaho to realize that her BOTTOM'S ON FIRE!
Trying to figure out which is the Clair Bible? Wait...wrong show.
One of Inaho's classmates clutches her textbook.
The very appealing -- if hotheaded -- adult version of Honou, in profile.
Honou holds a rather dazed Yuki.
Camille does her best to capture Mo's attentions.
Sparks fly from the four corners of the room as four magic users interact with the mysterious sphere at the center.

Mosquiton and his two servants, Yuki and Honou.
Sequence: A4, B12, C21 end, and layer marked A1-8
Layers: 4
Sketch: 1
Background: Original Matching

Master of Mosquiton (16)
This is something I've looked for just about forever -- a shot of Mosquiton with his two servants, Yuki and Honou, from the TV series. The bonus here, of course, is that not only are all three of them together, but Mo-chan doesn't have that awful, skinny-faced look he so often does in the TV version of the show. The accompanying layout says this is from Episode 23, cut 262!

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