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Key in a kimono, at Snake-Eye's church.
Key's grandfather, Dr. Mima, bleeds during a beating.
Nasty man Ajo, sneering. Nothing new here.
Shuuichi Tataki reacts to the message on the pink note he holds in his hand.
Sakura puts away a video.
Ouji (Prince SnakeEye) leads Key toward the worshippers.
Tataki backpacks through the countryside.
Key looks down, despondent.
A closeup of the lovely singer Beniko.
Sad-eyed human Key.
Key sleeps, eyes wide open, in Sakura's apartment.
Sakura embraces Key protectively.

Key in a kimono, at Snake-Eye's church.
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Key the Metal Idol (12)
Tokiko, the main character, is seen here in her "robotic" phase. In this scene a sopping wet Key, wearing a borrowed kimono, enters the church in which Prince Snake Eye declares her some sort of miracle-working prophet. She's not, but what she is may be even more interesting.

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