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Inuyasha strides along looking serious.  A nice 2/3 shot of him.
Kagome, in Inuyasha's fire-rat cloak, is about to practice some archery on an enemy.
Miroku, in a moment when he's NOT flirting with a girl!
Shippo hides behind Inuyasha's leg.
Wicked closeup of Kouga looking determined.
Kagura in the sunset.
Miroku awakens from a trance just in time...
Hail, hail, the gang's all here!
Inuyasha wields Tessaiga.
We three cats of Orient are...
Inuyasha turning youkai.  Nasty looking claws!
Jaaken wanders along leading the demon steed.
Kagome peers out from behind Kaede.
Inuyasha looks cranky as he carries water buckets with a pole.
Miroku grabs some rest time under a shade tree.
An excellent profile of Miroku and his monk's staff.
Inuyasha in his human form, slapping at a weirdly elongated hand of some sort.
Fan cel of Sango, Youkai Exterminator.
Inuyasha perched on a tree limb.  Except that it's dark.
Sesshomaru draws his new evil sword. *shiver*

Inuyasha strides along looking serious.  A nice 2/3 shot of him.
Sequence: A12
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: Original Nonmatching

Inuyasha (20)
Inuyasha's name means Dog Demon ("Dogboy" to some!) He's a hanyou -- a cross between a youkai (demon) father and a human mother. He'd really prefer being a very powerful youkai like his big brother, Sesshomaru. He has claws you just don't want to mess with and a deadly magical sword called Tetusaiga, or Tessaiga as it is often spelled.

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