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Anita, flanked by two guards, is about to be taken away.
Hisoka smiles.  Creepy, or what?
Close up of a very serious Hisoka.  Is he scarier this way, or smiling?
Kannaria leads Gon and company toward Killua's family home.
Hisoka reaches for his face in amazement that he's been hurt.
The receptionist for the Hunters leans over to examine Gon and Killua.
He's coming to take you away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee!
Closeup of Menchi, the lovely Hunter Examiner.
Hisoka discovers what it's like to be hoist by his own petard... er, cut by his own card.
The friendly little foxbear cub Gon meets.
Hisoka's got an ace out of his sleeve.
Pan cel of Hisoka standing with crossed arms and MUSCLES.
Holy fruitcake, Batman, Hisoka is on a killing rampage!

Anita, flanked by two guards, is about to be taken away.
Sequence: A11
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Hunter Hunter - Others (13)
If you didn't believe that Killua comes from a rather scary background, consider that this shot of the lovely Anita with her guards followed her attempt to "off" him. Anita is one of the many supporting cast in Hunter x Hunter with truly outstanding and gorgeous character designs.

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