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A shouting Gon charges into the fray.
Gon is scowling.  Gon has a big bandaid on his forehead, and his arm in a sling!
A very determined Leorio, number 403, clenches his fist as he runs.
Leorio is topless - except for his badge!
How exactly does Leorio keep that badge attached to his bare chest, anyway?
Leorio runs even closer to the camera!
Leorio bites an apple core.
Nice closeup of Leorio sweating up a storm.
Kurapica looking very intense.  At least his eyes aren't red.
Kurapica leans against the wall, thinking.
Kurapica rides in the mob's car, battling mixed emotions.
Killua, in his dark outfit, yelling.
Killua looks like an ordinary kid wearing his backpack to school.
Someone places a careful restraining hand on Killua's shoulder.  Good idea!
Killua actually is blushing here!
Gon gazes at the projection of a Hunter match.
Killua exchanges a worried look with Gon.
Kurapica and Gon carry snakebitten Leorio to help.

Killua exchanges a worried look with Gon.
Sequence: A4, B3, D3, E4 (2)
Layers: 5
Sketch: 4 Matching
Background: None

Hunter Hunter - Gon and Friends (18)
Killua looks like a cute, worried little boy as he discusses something with Gon, but there's nothing cute about him except his appearance. This amazing five-layer cel weighs a ton. The top layer is a correction of Gon's shirt and the bottom is Leorio's arm. All five layers are quite firmly stuck together, but that's ok, because Killua's eyes were the main attraction here!

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