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Female Jin.  Gorgeous eyes!
Jin in his male form.
Jin reaches into his pants for... something.
Jin reads some of the rules of genie conduct to Gokudo.
Party on, Jinn!
Wow, would you look at those eyes! The Sphinx is mad.
Goku the monkey, enter and sign in, please!
Indra looks about to blast someone.
Read my head.  Please.
Goku definitely has something in mind.

Jin in his male form.
Sequence: A1
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Gokudo-kun - Nonhumans (11)
Jin appears from a rock, the sole contents of a pouch Gokudo steals from Granny in the first scene. Just what Gokudo wanted, right?.... until he realizes that he can ask Jin for 3 wishes. Ahh, but Jin places moral conditions on the wishes to be made! and here he's just about to explain (at great length) exactly why Gokudo can't have "all the money and babes in the world."

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