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The valiant Prince Seigi draws his sword and prepares for battle!
Seigi shows up close why he's not the evil twin.
Brother Seigi stares in disbelief...
Nope, he's not just confused - he's SHOCKED!
Seigi reacts to whatever it was that Gokudo just did. Undoubtedly something dumb.
Rubette shovels food into her mouth.
Rubette turns her head to grab a breath after her meal.
Rubette in pastels! lovely.
Issa reacts in horror as bubbles float up around him.
Issa reacts in dismay to something. Nothing new here.
Prince Niari following Gokudo's attentions.
Niari, standing quietly at the left of the screen.
Niari downs his sake. Yum!
Aaaaah.  Nothing better than a good slurp of sake.
Tei greets the company with a pretty smile.
Tei blushes prettily at the approach of someone who he appreciates.
You can't get a lot happier than this without needing to censor things!
Gack. Tei apparently got a little too rapturous for his own good.
Who is that masked -- uh, tin -- man? The Unknown Knight!
The Unknown Knight raising his shield to fend off an attack.
Sometimes, a shield can be a knight's best friend.
The Unknown Knight ... STANDS!
And...he flexes!
The Knight's cape billows!
Ya Sager presents the ultimate weapon -- the pointy stick!
Ya Sager reacts to the maturity that is Gokudo.
Someone needs to remind Ya Sager that big shoulder pads are out of style this season.
Just a moment, Gokudo, I have something in my eye.--Ya Sager
Behold. I am Ya Sager.
I did it myyyyyyyyy waaaaaaayyyyyy....

The valiant Prince Seigi draws his sword and prepares for battle!
Sequence: A11
Layers: 1
Sketch: 26
Background: Original Matching

Gokudo-kun - Humans (30)
Here's a primo shot of Gokudo's twin brother, Seigi. Seigi himself is highly unremarkable except for being the absolute opposite of Gokudo. As disgusting and self-serving as Gokudo is, Seigi is genteel and valiant. He's also immensely bland, especially in comparison with his never-anything-but-jaw-dropping brother. This cel is AMAZING. It is so beautiful. And, being of a lesser known character, it is in fabulous condition. It also came with a whopping 27 sketches from the sequence, and a timing sheet. Some of these are the requisite drawing of mouth-half-open, but some are gorgeous closeups for which I'd love to find the matching cel!

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