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Gokudo, from the opening credits!
Gokudo snarling. Nothing new here!
Far shot of Gokudo from Intro to Ep. 2
Slightly closer shot of Gokudo from the beginning of Ep. 2
Still zooming in on Gokudo! Episode 2.
Still zooming in on Gokudo...
Yet another notch closer to revealing Gokudo!
Gokudo's pretty face. Eyes closed.
Smile, Prince Gokudo! Smile!
Gokudo, swordsman extraordinaire!
Gokudo gestures
Gokudo extends his hands to demonstrate his coolness to Ya Sager.
Gokudo cracks his knuckles.  Uh-oh.
Yeoww! Let Gokudo down from there before his eyes explode!
A typical look at Gokudo objecting on his own behalf.
Someone does not look happy to be wearing a giant diaper.
Dramatic closeup on Gokudo attacking.
A whacky little super-deformed shot of Gokudo.
An outstanding closeup on the ever-mischievous face of Gokudo.
Gokudo leaps through the air, head thrown back in a battle cry, ready to slash with his magic returning sword.
Gokudo is throwing a fit. Nothing new here!
Gokudo yawns.  Hugely.
Gokudo takes this year's model out for a test drive.

Gokudo, from the opening credits!
Sequence: Cut 15
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1
Background: Original Matching

Gokudo-kun - Himself (24)
Here he is, Gokudo himself! From the opening, this exceptional (and really large) cel was such a great snag. Gokudo actually looks semi-competent here. He really IS quite a swordsman, truthfully, but he acts like such a dork that it is hard to tell sometimes.

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