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Gokudo tells Granny off.
Gokudo and sidekick Rubette kneel to examine the floor of their enclosure.
Gokudo and his twin brother Seigi join hands in front of Granny.
Ya Sager reacts to Gokudo's overconfidence.
Gokudo freaks out in a circle as Ya Sager looks on.
Gokudo wrestles an utterly astonished Ya Sager for the staff.
Princess Coco and Issa the magician watch a ravenous Gokudo.
Pardon Ikkyu while he throws a hissy fit.
The group gasps as Ikkyu points out the obvious -- his head.
Two chibi doofuses holding Easter Eggs.
Gokudo shrieks at poor little Ikkyu. Nothing new here!
Gokudo swings his mighty returning sword at the Unknown Knight!
Prince Niari, so happy with his lady!
Look! Up in the sky! Niari and friend point at... who? Diaper man?
Gokudo, with Ikkyu attached, leaps away from trouble.
Rubette, Gokudo, and Niari stare in disbelief.
Gokudo and friends fly on the back of a dragon.
The song and dance extravaganza that is the King of Dumplings Commercial!
A rear view of Rubette watching Indra engage a serpent.

Gokudo tells Granny off.
Sequence: A1, B1
Layers: 2
Sketch: 2 Matching
Background: Original Matching

Gokudo-kun - Group (19)
The very first cel of Gokudo!! Gokudo's adventures begin with a stern talking-to by lovely Granny, who insists that he is destined for great things. Gokudo isn't buying it. I'm not sure what it is that he's eating there, but in a couple of moments he will use its results to great effect. This is actually the first cel from the second cut of the show, which begins with Granny batting her eyes a couple of times.

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