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Close up of Miaka.
Tamahome's Oni symbol is glowing! Watch out.
Emperor Hotohori brandishes his sword.
Nuriko brandishes a sword.  From one of the OVA series.
Chichiri, with mask, no da.
Tasuki reaches out for Taka.
Mitsukake, looking back over his shoulder.
Tamahome in his cute phase.
Nagako supporting the world? Ok, so he's getting ready to cast a spell.
Tamahome in the modern world, signed by his voice actor!
Chichiri, maskless, smiles along with Miyaka.
Chichiri fights a tentacled demon.
Close-up on a screaming Chiriko!
Kouji attacks with a bamboo sword.
Evil Tamahome comes in from the rain.  Gorgeous fan cel of a famous scene.

Close up of Miaka.
Sequence: A8
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Fushigi Yuugi (15)
Miaka is an ordinary girl cramming for her high school entrance exams until she is drawn into the world contained in an ancient Chinese book, The Universe of the Four Gods. She takes on the persona of its main character, Suzako no Miko (Maiden or Priestess of Suzaku)

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