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Hanabishi Recca.  Centered, face forward, looking Serious.
Flame on!  Recca powers up his right arm.
Wicked closeup of Mikagami. *sigh*
Mikagami in school uniform shaking his fist.
Mikagami in uniform again, this time with fists lowered.
Kurei in his mask, leaning forward (to launch an attack?)
Fuuko looks up at Domon.

Hanabishi Recca.  Centered, face forward, looking Serious.
Sequence: A1
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Flame of Recca (7)
Recca is an ordinary high school kid (suuuure he is) with a fetish about being a ninja and a couple of life-long friends/rivals. Early on he discovers that he is heir to a Flame Master from the feudal age, and that a particularly nasty soul is out to get him unless he learns to master eight Flame Dragons who conveniently live in his arm. Fun stuff!

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