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Ifurita carries Makoto along for the ride.
Night night, sleep tight, and don't let the Bugrom bite!
Gorgeous Galus with a suspicious look in his eyes.  Nothing new here.
Queen Diva of the Bugrom Empire.
Green Diva asks the Bugrom to join him for dinner.  Literally.
Kalia looking intense.  Watch out!
Nobody will ever be able to tell that they're Bugrom!!
Galus in his true form.
Miss Miz's fuzzy friend peeks out from a cave.
A 3/4 length shot of Gallus.

Ifurita carries Makoto along for the ride.
Sequence: A5
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: Original Nonmatching

El Hazard - Nonhumans (10)
Ifurita is a an extremely powerful robot/demon creature who appears in both the OVA and TV series in quite different forms. This is the OVA Ifurita, a somber but gorgeous being who relies on Makoto to help her save the world of El Hazard. From 2nd OVA, ep. 4.

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