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Fujisawa-sensei having a great laugh.  From TV episode 18.
Fujisawa looks serious.  Now that IS new!
Fujisawa blushes.  Probably at Miss Miz!
Jinnai Katsuhiko doing what he does best...look like a crazy man!
Jinnai really loves the Bugrom style of home cooking!
Jinnai sneers.  Nothing new here!
Same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!!
Makoto beats feet, briefcase in hand.
A dramatic shot of Makoto in his Ura-armor.
Makoto's eyes, the driving force that moves the story of El Hazard forward.
Makoto under a dome.
Jinnai Nanami, at her restaurant.  Great book cel!
Nanami is so surprised, she's cross-eyed!

Fujisawa-sensei having a great laugh.  From TV episode 18.
Sequence: A8
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

El Hazard - Humans (13)
Fujisawa Masamichi is a history teacher at Shinonome High School. He's painfully shy, but he's an accomplished mountain climber and seriously dedicated to his job. He also really likes his sake. Unfortunately, he discovers that in El Hazard, that's one thing he can't have if he intends to make use of the incredible strength he got through the transfer.

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