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Makoto and Rune do what they do best.  Run away!
Miz Mishtal, Priestess of Water, with her Knight in Shining Armor (tm), Fujisawa.
Fujisawa calls Schutlebaugh a dirty old man! From TV Episode 16.
Miz gazes shyly up at Fujisawa.
Jinnai and the Bugrom! Live!
Afura applies a little Wind Goddess power to a pack of unruly Bugrom.
Makoto gazes in apparent amazement at his blushing teacher, Fujisawa.
Fujisawa bows as he asks Miz to dance.
Makoto yells while Nanami looks on impassively.
Fatora talks to an onlooking Bugrom.
Isn't everyone's royal servant huge and fuzzy with mismatched eyes?
Afura and Nanami bow in respect to ... someone.

Makoto and Rune do what they do best.  Run away!
Sequence: A39
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

El Hazard - Groups (12)
Makoto is the central character of the series. His scientific curiosity transfers a group from Shinonome High School to El Hazard. This is from episode 1 of the TV series, subtitled The Wanderers . Makoto and Rune Venus, Princess of Roshtaria, first meet each other as she's being chased by some "friendly" Bugrom. Run away!

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