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Priestess of Wind, Afura Mann.
Shayla does NOT like being bothered when nekkid! Watch it!
I wouldn't try to take that shishkebab away from Shayla if I were you.
Crayna-Crayna, Priestess of Fire before Shayla.
Qawoor Towles, Priestess of Water following Miz.
Fujisawa and Miz's fuzzy beast find her gazing into the mirror.
Afura digs her elbow into a startled Shayla.
Princess Rune from the OVA.
Princess Fatora, obnoxious brat at large.
Emperor Dall Narciss.
Emperor Dall looks particularly sorrowful.
Closeup on a gorgeous, if slightly disheveled, Emperor Dall.
Lovely Ailelle looks back over her shoulder.
Dr. Schutlebaugh in a regal sort of moment.
Gilda, Commander of the Guard.

Princess Fatora, obnoxious brat at large.
Sequence: C24
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: Original Nonmatching

El Hazard - Deities and Royals (15)
In the OVA series, Makoto has the misfortune of looking just like this spoiled brat who goes missing. She's an annoying pain and she doesn't really like men very much, either.

There's actually a decent chance that this is really Makoto in drag, but for the purposes of explaining Fatora, I've put him here!

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