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Priestess of Wind, Afura Mann.
Shayla does NOT like being bothered when nekkid! Watch it!
I wouldn't try to take that shishkebab away from Shayla if I were you.
Crayna-Crayna, Priestess of Fire before Shayla.
Qawoor Towles, Priestess of Water following Miz.
Fujisawa and Miz's fuzzy beast find her gazing into the mirror.
Afura digs her elbow into a startled Shayla.
Princess Rune from the OVA.
Princess Fatora, obnoxious brat at large.
Emperor Dall Narciss.
Emperor Dall looks particularly sorrowful.
Closeup on a gorgeous, if slightly disheveled, Emperor Dall.
Lovely Ailelle looks back over her shoulder.
Dr. Schutlebaugh in a regal sort of moment.
Gilda, Commander of the Guard.

Emperor Dall looks particularly sorrowful.
Sequence: A8 Opening
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

El Hazard - Deities and Royals (15)
What a wonderfully "angst-ridden bishonen" shot we have here. The eyes absolutely make this cel, but I love the monochromatic look as well. This is from the opening, a rather important detail that I was not aware of when I bought the cel. What a bonus!

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