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Nice centered shot of Dejiko!
Dejiko, Pujiko, and Gemma.
Extreme closeup of the Hooligan!
A smiling Hooligan, wearing apron, holds a huge stock pot and ladle.
The Hooligan sits on a mat, beside a sign. In the foreground is a ring of blue (fire?), with cheering spectators.
Hooligan buns!
Closeup on an ANGRY Hooligan!  Scary!
A slightly dazed Rabi-en-Rose.

Nice centered shot of Dejiko!
Sequence: C3
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Digi Charat (8)
Dejiko is the princess of the planet Charat, where everyone is, well, part animal. It's hard to know what else to say about a girl with ears and a tail who shoots destructive eye-beams when she gets mad and ends every sentence with the word "nyo." Except that her goal in life is to be an Idol on the planet Earth.

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