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Closeup of Sakura ... Green eyes!
Kero-chan shakes his fist! Ooooo, scary!
Touya in his visor from Episode 63.
Tsukishiro Yukito reading the paper.
Daidouji Tomoyo looking sweet.  Nothing new here.
Chiharu in her Good Faery costume.  Cute!
Shaoran Li.
Sakura's class.
Yue in flight!
Sakura, in the darkened playground, is just about to activate one of her cards.
Sakura and Yukito walking to school together.
Sakura as Prince Charming in the Sleeping Beauty play.
Sakura wears a lovely kimono that highlights the green in her eyes.
Yukito greets Sakura and Touya on their way to school.
Sakura writes in her diary just before bedtime.
Touya and Yukito run into the water.
Yukito smiles with both his mouth and his eyes.
Sakura uses the Strength card to move the penguin slide.

Closeup of Sakura ... Green eyes!
Sequence: A2
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Card Captor Sakura (18)
Kinomoto Sakura is an average kid until the day she inadvertently releases an entire deck of unruly and potentially dangerous magic card creatures. It becomes her duty to relocate and capture all of the cards, with the help of her little yellow friend, Kero-chan. I bought this cel specifically for the beautiful close up of her eyes.

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