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An opening cel of Teppei trying to stay astride the original X.
Teppei looks intense. Nothing new here!
Father Fou-Fou, looking frilly as usual.
Metalface, before he got his, um, metal face.
Ugly guard from the Machine Empire.
Dramatic Ron displays his weapon of choice.
Karen and Metalface clash in a show of, um... arms.
Here's Metalface with his Metal Face!
Karen works at her computer, in front of an enormous map.
Holy double vision, Batman, it's the guard again!
A fearsome big mech unit, seen from beneath.
Gorgeous Quattro!

An opening cel of Teppei trying to stay astride the original X.
Sequence: A32
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Bt X (12)
The B'ts are intelligent bio-machines that are brought to life with the blood of a "donor," with whom they then partner exclusively. X, long since consigned to the junkheap after his donor disappeared, comes alive when Teppei inadvertently suffers a wound from some of the sharp edges in the junk and drips on him. The first opening sequence, from which this cel comes, shows X's problematic early relationship with Teppei -- if Teppei doesn't hang on tight, he's going to be bounced right off!

B't X and its sequel, B't X Neo, are in that odd category entitled "Shows I absolutely adored and have no good explanation of why." Teppei screams non-stop, the plot devices are plodding and overly coincidental, and by all rights I should have hated it. But I didn't; I loved every second and ran through both series at breakneck speed. Go figure.

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