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Akari gives blushing Kris a BIG congratulatory hug!
Itchan and Jessie look stunned after Tanya paints them.
Jessie just tossed a discus.
Kris, showing her trademark handle hairdo, stands next to Anna in her bow and apron.
Lahhri gets serious. Nothing new here.
Mylandah about to whack the ball back at Lahhri.  That's one feral smile!
Grant Oldman smiling mysteriously.  Nothing new here.
Alia takes the lead in the 100 meter freestyle...
Chibi Tanya does her native dance!
Akari's mother, Tomoe, running with her trademark determined look.
Chibi Jessie does a little karaoke!
Chibi Anna looks disturbed about something. Someone making a mess in her house?
Akari runs with all the joy in her soul.

Akari gives blushing Kris a BIG congratulatory hug!
Sequence: B12
Layers: 1
Sketch: None
Background: None

Battle Athletes (14)
Akari Kanzaki enrolls in a special training school for "battle athletes." She hopes to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the Cosmo Beauty -- best athlete. Kris Kristopher is the first person Akari meets when she goes for training. Here, Akari congratulates Kris on a victory with an enthusiastic embrace.

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