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The door opens...Carrot Glace is in da house!
Tira and Chocolate Misu, caught in the act. Shocked!
Closeup on the ever-mysterious -- and gorgeous -- Marron Glace!
A shirtless Gateau shows off his substantial upper body musculature.
Big Mama in the modern world.

The door opens...Carrot Glace is in da house!
Sequence: A10
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: None

Bakuretsu Hunters (5)
Carrot Glace is the only one of the five Sorcerer Hunters with no special fighting skills. He's adorable, but an incorrigible womanizer. He also has a wonderfully funny affliction that causes him to, er, change a bit whenever someone tries to use magic on him.

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